The concept of seminar was inspired to the Reverend Pastor by the Holy Spirit. It is usually held the first week of the month. It runs for four consecutive days, from Thursday to Sunday. The opening hours are: 5 pm on Thursday and Friday, and 7 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Since its beginning a few years ago, it has dealt with the general theme of “the deliverance of familiar spirits and sorcery” over the months, and has broken down into sub-themes according to the order of precedence of the Holy Spirit in his plan for the liberation of God’s people from captivity, preventing them from moving forward in their Christian race to trigger, in the long run, the worldwide spiritual awakening that will hasten the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The opportunities of the seminar are actually “a concrete of the supernatural” lasting four days. They usually result in massive deliverances affecting lives, families, nations or the whole world. Did not the Lord, on these occasions in April 2015, rid Cameroon and Nigeria respectively of demons called “old Cameroon” and “old Nigeria” ;thus giving birth to a “new Cameroon” and a “new Nigeria”?