They are of two kinds: the Reverend Pastor’s spontaneous calls and the night of the crossing from one year to the next.

  1. Spontaneous Calls: Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, convenes an extraordinary session to pray for the nation or the world in order to solve a specific problem. Therefore, this service is an exceptional event and is usually held on Saturdays from 6 am. By way of illustration, Saturday 18 March 2017 remains an unforgettable day. Indeed, it was on that day that the Tabernacle of Liberty, “Church of All Nations” raised a supplication to the Lord to ask him to cancel the floods planned for the month of October 2017, the major one of which was precisely programmed by the underworld on October 18, 2017.

2. THE PRAYER CROSSING: At the end of each year, from December 31 of the year ending to January 1 of the new year, there is usually a vigil of prayer, praise and adoration to the Lord by the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA. It is called: THE NIGHT OF PRAYER CROSSING. This event has revealed itself since the birth in this ministry of the phenomenon of “prophetic deliverance:

  • a moment of systematic cleansing, of the people of God gathered together through deliverances, healing and restoration of exceptional lives before entering the New Year ;
  • an occasion during which the plan and programming of the evil works of the world of darkness baptized “the calendar of the abominations of hell” are revealed.

From memory, THE CROSSING NIGHT OF PRAYERS remains the most popular event at the Tabernacle of Liberty, “Church of all Peoples”.