Sunday worships


The Cult to our God is bi-weekly. It takes place on Sundays and Thursdays. Moreover, quite particular and unconventional to the Tabernacle of Liberty, “Church of All Peoples”, it takes the name of “Concrete of the Supernatural”, because God makes invisible events very tangible and concrete.

He manifests his might and glory, through the expression of impure spirits invisible in essence, in human bodies to confess their evil works in lives, villages, nations and even the whole world. This is the extraordinary phenomenon of “prophetic deliverance”.

  1. Sunday: Sunday is a day totally dedicated to the Lord, where the problems and difficulties of life give way to praise and worship to God, in order to accomplish the purpose of life which is “to worship God and serve him”. The service begins at seven (07) hours with the prayer of intercession. However, it is not possible to indicate its end time, as its program is directed by the Holy Spirit of God. It is he who closes the worship, leaving God’s people full of rich teachings and exceptional revelations. However, for the past several years, it has been concluded between 4 p.m. and midnight.

2. Thursday: on Thursday, worship begins at five (5) p.m. with an intercession prayer. Like Sunday, there is a day when the Lord is worshipped in spirit and in truth by his children, and whose end time is undetermined. It sometimes ended at six o’clock the next morning.