Intercessory prayer

Generally speaking, prayer is a channel used by Christians to be in communication with their God and to receive answers from him. Constituting the opening phase of a day of worship at the The Tabernacle of Liberty, “Church of all Peoples”, they are elevated by the whole assembly of God in the form of intercessions for various reasons: thanksgiving, repentance and purification of sins, invocation of the Holy Spirit of God to lead the day of worship, restoration of broken communions with the Lord, universal struggles to shake the world of darkness, among others. These prayers can be formulated both in favor of the faithful present or not, and to the man of God on the basis of the prayer cover for the supernatural anointing of miracles. They usually extend in favor of Cameroon our country, Nigeria, Africa in general and the salvation of souls throughout the world.

Intercession prayers also take place daily, on the margins of assemblies, in a 24-hour cycle, except on Saturdays.