Constituting the major point of worship, the preaching is done by the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA, the holy servant of God. The latter preaches with power and authority, the message that the Spirit of God reveals to him in advance for his gathered People, in every circumstance. Faithfully attentive to every word that may come out of the mouth of the man of God always guided by the Holy Spirit, the faithful are each time provided with a Bible, a notebook and a pen to carefully record the biblical teachings, in order to reread them and put them into practice; the objective being spiritual growth and the preservation of salvation. Doesn’t the Bible say in the book of DEUTERONOMY 8: 3 that: “(…) man does not live on bread alone, but that man lives on all that comes out of the mouth of the Lord”?

This preaching thus done with power and authority is always accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles in the form of prophetic deliverances. It is God’s chosen way of confirming and recognizing himself in the Word that is taught to free the captives and thus promote their Christian journey towards salvation.