Behind the current fame of the NGOA ATANGANA FOUNDATION in general, and The Tabernacle of Liberty, ”Church of All Peoples” in particular, is a true and authentic servant of God with an atypical and rich course of teachings. It is thus naturally that the whole world is wondering who Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA is.

From the outset it is right to confess that to speak of this eminent servant of God is not an easy task, so rich and revealing are the meanders of his election by the Almighty God, the divine manifestations of his call and conversion, the construction of his ministry and his work of evangelization.

However, five (05) main points can make it possible to sketch out a subject on this servant of God: man, his conversion, his life dedicated and consecrated to God, his ministry resulting from a prophetic vision and which aims in a concrete and effective way the transformation of lives to gain the world to JESUS-CHRIST.