The Dynamism of Men (DH) of the Tabernacle of Liberty, “Church of All Peoples” is one of the groups created by the will of the men of this Christian community under the initiative of the Reverend Caleb NGOA ATANGANA. This group has set objectives and adopted a method of financing its activities:


                The overall objectives of the men’s group are as follows:

  • to accompany the ministry in its missions by supporting the Reverend Pastor in his evangelical vision for the salvation of souls across the five continents. To this end, it intervenes in the financing of the parts of the ministry’s activities that the Reverend Pastor may entrust to them;
  • to promote and foster the spiritual development and good cohesion of men within the ministry through the enhancement of the life of sanctification;
  • to promote solidarity among group members through a mechanism of mutual assistance in both happy and unfortunate circumstances;
  • to set up social development structures through the identification, design and implementation of profit-making projects.



This group operates as an association. It is governed by a statute and internal regulations that govern the behavior of its members and its activities. Its operation and the financing of its activities are financed by mobilizing funds within the group through the system of annual project contributions, registration fees and funds to support members when necessary. The community projects initiated by the group will be its main source of income in the long term for the benefit of the department.

To date, despite the limited resources available, the men’s group is responsible for the security aspect of the temple in terms of entrance control and screening, firefighting and small maintenance.

To ensure the spiritual growth of its members, this group, beyond the regal piety activities of the ministry, is resourced through sessions of intercession prayers and spiritual retreats.