The women’s group is the association of women from the Christian community of the ministry. It embraces the vision of the ministry and supports it in its development and influence according to the initiative of the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA. It is therefore his role to participate as much as possible by its contributions to the construction of the buildings, as well as to their beautification and maintenance in accordance with the needs expressed by the Reverend Pastor.

It also promotes mutual aid and harmony among its members; and also helps underprivileged social classes through donations of all kinds, both in the community and in Cameroonian society as a whole.

The group lives and flourishes financially through the various contributions of its members according to the mechanisms provided for in its internal texts. It also seeks and develops community projects that generate additional income with a view to diversifying and solidifying its financial base, which is so necessary to finance its activities.

Being of a Christian vocation, the group ensures the permanent spiritual renewal of its members through intercessions of prayers and regular spiritual retreats.