The history of this ministry which today has become the sentinel of Cameroon begins in Benin with the creation of the Ministry called MONDE POUR CHRIST ACTION FAITHIQUE whose first chapel was finally entrusted to one of its children in faith. His return to Cameroon in January 1994 led to the creation of the NGOA ATANGANA or NGOA ATANGANA MINISTRIES FOUNDATION as an association administratively registered under No. 001058/KDA/J06/BAPP in 2008, fourteen years later for the promotion of worship, ethics, integrity and good morality.

The church belonging to this Foundation is currently known as the Tabernacle of Liberty, ”Church of All Peoples”. Today it has undergone several changes.


In the vision of September 26, 1992, God showed the Reverend the street and the house he was to occupy in the NKOLNDONGO district of Yaounde. This house of NKOLNDONGO was an old pub, measuring 12m long and 7m wide. It was used both as a place of worship and as a dwelling. The living room was the chapel.

One day a young man came into his home and made a strange statement in which he claimed to have heard the Pastor’s voice on a local radio station something the Pastor did not recognize. This young man nevertheless had one concern: he sought the deliverance of his family who resided at the other end of the capital. This family was delivered from the hold of an uncovered witch. The release of the family allows unemployed people to find work, girls to marry and other family members to be restored.

The narrowness of this site pushed the reverend to move.


The above deliverance was an event which marked a first decisive turning point in the expansion of the ministry. It drained the world to the Reverend who moved from the NKOLNDONGO district to the BIYEM-ASSI ROND-POINT EXPRESS district, to the place called “Superette” not far from the place of dwelling of the family who had had the grace of God to be delivered. The chapel of NKOLNDONGO was entrusted to one of his pastor colleagues. The ministry spent only a few years on this site and the Reverend moved again for the MBENDA district.


From the BIYEM-ASSI ROND-POINT EXPRESS district, he moved again to finally settle in the MBENDA district (JOUVENCE), at the place called “PONT ANGLOPHONE”, site where is today the ministry Tabernacle of Liberty, ” Church of All Peoples ”. Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA began to build a new pastoral community in 2004 from his family of six (6) members: his wife, four children and himself. Meetings were held in the living room of their home.


The first hall of this church was almost entirely built by the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA and his family. The Reverend Pastor was the site manager and mason, his eldest daughter under ten (10) years old was a worker. This chapel, with a capacity of less than 300 people, welcomed several waves of faithful who unfortunately did not take long. They did not understand the vision of the Pastor and consequently found his message on sanctification very hard.

However, the church will see an acceleration with the birth of FAITH RADIO FM 99.0 on April 7, 2011, whose broadcast, “the concrete of the supernatural”, improved by the Reverend Pasteur, allowed the deliverance, healing and restoration of a multitude of people. It was this radio that really triggered the expansion of the church. Many people really met the Lord through FAITH RADIO.

But this expansion was slowed down a little from 2013 because of the “concrete of the supernatural”, the radio’s flagship program that allowed deliverances of another kind known today under the concept of “prophetic deliverance”, the baptismal name given to him by the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA.



The program “the concrete of the supernatural” has not only made followers and sympathizers, but also enemies of all kinds and all strata of society: the Government, the clergy, civil society, sectarians and practitioners on all sides. The phenomenon of “prophetic deliverance”, new in the history of deliverances was imposed and amplified by the systematic and all-out denunciation of the evil works of the world of darkness and their authors in the lives, the families, the villages, the Cameroonian nation and the whole world.

The Pastor was questioned and the faithful, unhappy, sent home. The real reason for the action of this administrative authority. The chapel was therefore sealed by the Deputy Prefect of the Yaoundé III district on 10 January 2014, for unfounded reasons. The Pastor was questioned and the faithful, unhappy, sent home. The real motive for the action of this administrative authority, acting on instructions from its hierarchy, was to torpedo and put an end to the “prophetic deliverances” whose peculiarity is that: the impure spirits or demons who are the perpetrators of the evils from which both suffer enter the bodies of the faithful under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and expose their works themselves.

Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA was arrested and detained several times in inhuman conditions, both in gendarmerie brigades and in police stations. The faithful who persevered gathered from place to place, in the open air in makeshift tents and classrooms, in the sun and rain, for their worship to God in the name of Jesus Christ. They stayed successively in the courtyard of two faithful at Camp Sic in the MENDONG district, then in the courtyard of the ABISCOM school in the SIMBOCK district and finally in the courtyard of the ABISCOM school in the MONTEE-JOUVENCE district.


As if to confirm the words of the apostle Paul to the Romans (Romans 8:28) that “all things contribute to the good of those who love God, of those who are called according to his plan”, the above troubles inspired the Reverend Pastor Caleb NGOA ATANGANA to set up a new chapel next to the one sealed by the administrative authorities and which remains sealed to this day. These constructions undertaken since 2015 are almost completed at the end of 2017.

The new chapel, which is a true temple of God through its architecture, beauty and capacity, welcomes nearly 800 faithful and visitors every Sunday. It would certainly reach its full capacity of more than a thousand people between 2018 and 2019. The photo album edifies you.

Besides FAITH-RADIO, the Glory of God manifested in this place of worship by “the concrete of the supernatural” is today relayed to the whole world through social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) while waiting for the planned television channel.

Glory be to God!